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    Confidentiality policy is worked out pursuant to working principles of market research company Intage VietNam (Former FTA). Confidentiality policy is the basis that helps Intage VietNam (Former FTA) build up belief and brand imagery with customers. Intage VietNam (Former FTA) strictly observes International Standards about Market Research Practices, undertakes strict observation of the working process pursuant to ISO 20252 – standardization exclusively for market research.

    1.   Strictly observes International Standardization about marketing and market research practice

    -  When working with customer and a third party, if any, Intage VietNam (Former FTA) always signs a Confidentiality Agreement in order to ensure the confidentiality for all project-related information the customer or the third party provides.

    -  Respondents of interviews in the project or a third party involved in the project are also requested to sign confidentiality agreement with Intage VietNam (Former FTA).

    -  All full-time staff and part-time staff working for Intage VietNam (Former FTA) are also requested to sign a confidentiality agreement, not to be allowed to disclose any information relevant to the project during the working process.

    2.    Strict observation of working process of ISO 20252 – standardization for market research  

    -  All activities have to abide by the process of ISO 20252 while strictly undertaking confidentiality.

    -  All staff members are trained to have awareness of the importance of confidentiality in market research.

    3.    Organizing scrutiny about confidentiality observation

    - Directors manage scrutiny quality, periodically and unexpectedly control all the projects carried out in order to strictly observe confidentiality regulations during the working process.

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