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  • gap-finder6

    Exploratory qualitative

    Providing insights across the “need triangle” (critical needs, unmet needs and trends)

    Using advanced projective & enabling techniques for reaching consumers’ subconscious layers

  • business-intelligence4

    Business intelligence using Delphi methodology

    Combining desk research with opinion leader in depth interviewers

    Providing thorough market overview, market structure, entry potentiality and feasibility

  • phan-khuc-thi-truong5

    Demographic segmentation

     Psychological segmentation

     Factor analysis

     Cluster analysis

  • norm-test-3

    Including product test, concept test and advertising copy test

    Providing market benchmarks by categories, time, target customers

    Overall liking and drivers for overall liking using regression analysis

    Analysis based on a database of over 500 projects in product test, covering more than 10 categories as a Norm of Overall liking, Overall taste, Purchase intention without price exposure & Winning product

  • brand-check5

    Measures brand health – the BABL model
    ·         Recognition, trial and usage of product
    ·         Consideration, satisfaction, connectedness
    Brand equity index (loyalty based) & brand equity drivers
    The analyzing method 6ps and Positioning Choice Mapwill help positioning the potentiality and most suitability with brand, at the same time helps assess product, proposition, price, packaging, place and promotion.

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