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  • two-people-talking1

    In-depth interview or personal interview allows the researcher to discuss personal matters or sensitive issues, to contact different types of customers to seek the information for the foundation of discussions with a larger group of customers, and particularly this method helps the researcher to listen to the personal and insightful story.

  • ethnography---observation2

    A method of observing respondent’s actions to acquire how they shop and useyou’re your product/service by joining them in their activities at home, at the workplace or at the store where they’re shopping. This method helps you with the most accurate analysis of their usual habits or ways of shopping and allows you to understand your target customer the most profound and realistic way.

  • focus-group4

    With the method of qualitative research Focus Group Discussion, the moderator will use a structured set of questions or topics to guide the discussion among a group of respondents. This activity happens at a specific venue, usually equipped with video instruments and an observation room with a one-way mirror so the researcher can observe directly the target customers in the discussion. Such a discussion usually lasts 1-2 hours, and the survey should be conducted at least 3 groups to give reliable findings.

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